Global Outreach

Adopt a Village

Adopt a Village is a program through Hope 4 Kids International that helps churches come around one village in great need of basic infrastructure. By supporting a village, we will be giving them a hand up and helping them along their way towards self-sufficiency.

Bridgewood is adopting the village of Nambwa in the foothills of eastern Uganda. Nambwa was one of the recipients of a well for clean water from our Walk 4 Water in 2019. When the BCC team was in Uganda that year, they were all struck by the passion and humility of one woman named Josephine who advocated for safe water for the village. We later found out that that same woman planted a church and began to see many people come to Christ. They were inspired by her faith for clean water and how God answered her prayer. The lives of the villagers have changed significantly since the drilling of that well. They are now able to access safe water for their families and water their crops. They have even started a brick building business where they are able to make money to pay for medical needs and school fees.
We sense that God has called BCC to be the village of believers that surrounds the village of Nambwa in this season by helping them build a church! This project is going to cost $38,000 which includes the purchasing of the land where church and future projects will be built, church building, chairs, and translated bibles for the new believers. We are so blessed to have a $20,000 match on this project and have until April 2 to raise the funds! We invite you to consider what you could give to help build a church for Nambwa! 

Hope 4 Kids International

Restoring hope to kids & families around the world by empowering them to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Since 2016 we have partnered with H4KI on international trips, national trips, child sponsorships and many of our BCC members support H4KI.

Hope 4 Women/Dress a Girl

Dress A Girl is a program run by our partner organization Hope 4 Women international.  On the second Sunday of each month, the Bridgewood Dress A Girl team meets to make dresses for girls in Uganda. All are invited to these Dress A Girl events! It’s not necessary that you know how to sew; there are other opportunities for cutting, matching fabrics, accessorizing, and fellowship.  Contact the event lead at for more information! The dresses made will be brought to Uganda this summer with our missions team. These dresses give dignity to girls who have nothing and can help offer a level of protection because a girl who is dressed well is much less of a target.  

Walk 4 Water

A Walk 4 Water is a one-day fundraising event centered around a 3 - 4 mile course which symbolizes the average distance traveled by young children and women in search of water. Walk 4 Water events are held throughout the year and across the nation.

Bridgewood  hosts a Walk 4 Water event for our local community to raise money for wells and clean water in Africa.

Courage World Wide

Changing the world one individual at a time.

Through our church network, Alliance of Renewal Churches, we have joined on mission with CWW. If you are interested in giving, please reach out to us.