We are on an adventure to discover a perfect church.  Oh wait, that’s right, there is no such thing as a “perfect church.”  There are just pretty good churches!  A pretty good church is really a group of pretty good people doing a pretty good job of following Jesus! Along the way, we have pretty good stories to tell!  

Below is the beginning of a collection of stories from the people in our pretty good church. Help us add to our collection by sharing one of your stories about our pretty good church. Stories can be a short paragraph, a simple picture or a video that represents your story.

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Bridgewood's Monumental VBS
We had a great week celebrating God's greatness together at VBS! Over a hundred kids and volunteers were reminded that God loves us no matter what, He is with us everywhere we go, He is stronger than anything and He surprises us with His Monumental love. We have an awesome God!
The Source
Bridgewood volunteers serve at The Source together helping with the weekly food distribution for those who are experiencing homelessness or in need.  
Women's Summer Refresh
Having a Bible study this summer was good for me. I got this feeling of connection as I got to know some women I had never met before and grew closer to those I already knew. We had a sweet time of looking into what God is saying through the book of Colossians. I love learning with people because of all the perspectives that are brought together. Being part of the Bible study helped me feel closer to God and to our church community. - Mary Peterson

Feed My Starving Children
Several of us from our Enduring Grace Fellowship Micro Church recently volunteered packing meals at FMSC for distribution to many children in experiencing hunger worldwide. -Merry Koch

Sent Out Sunday
Isaiah 6:8 depicts a most unusual moment in the Kingdom where God seems a little unsure about something. Isaiah writes, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?’” It looks desperate, almost as if the Lord has no one to send. The tension breaks when Isaiah responds, “Here I am Lord, send me.” On August 28, 2022 Bridgewood responded in a similar way by going out of our church walls to the highways and byways of our communities for Sent Out Sunday. Now that’s a pretty good church!
Sent Out Sunday Testimony
I thought I would share a little story about what happened to me on Sent Out Sunday.  The church gave us enough time to think and pray, giving us suggestions to help come up with ideas of what to do.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't wholeheartedly thinking about it that much. I would pray about it a little, now and then.
On that Saturday I went to the grocery store with my list of the things I wanted to make for the week.  One of the meals on my list was chicken salad because it was going to be hot and muggy.  I went to bed Saturday night, woke up Sunday morning and the first thing that popped in my head was our neighbors that lived three houses down from us.  They had been going through some difficult health issues.  I would always greet them for years and talk to them a little.  The minute their names popped in my head, my "chicken salad" popped in my head too!
To my surprise, I was eager and happy to make a big bowl of the salad and also included a hand made card.  When our neighbor answered the door, he was pleasantly surprised.  I timidly asked them if he liked
chicken salad and his face lit up  and said that it was a favorite.  
This experience made me feel so happy and content just knowing that I hopefully blessed them! I know that we can always be looking out to see where our help is needed.  
On Labor day I was having a "very relaxing day", walked into the living room and looked out the window to see my neighbor, cutting down her wild flower garden.  Her and her husband live in a townhouse across the street and they have no place to dump the yard trimmings.  So, looking to see where help was needed, I went outside and asked her if she wanted to use our wheelbarrow and she gladly accepted.  I decided to help her and we had 3 full wheelbarrows that I dumped in our back yard that we used for composting.  Then she asked me if they could use our lawn mower because they did not know when the lawn crew would be mowing, so I mowed the small area for her.  This is not how I intended part of my day to go, especially out in the hot sun, but I felt good inside and happy to be of help.  Also the two hours spent helping her, increased the friendship a little more! - Barb
Hope 4 Kids Sunday & Backyard Picnic
Tom Eggum, founder of Hope 4 Kids International shared his heart for the mission and inspired us with stories from all over the world! We ended the morning with a backyard picnic full of food, fun and connection! 
Girls Glamping Getaway
This pretty good church we call Bridgewood has been thriving in the area of getting together and building community this summer! One event was the Girls Glamping Getaway in June at The Grove Glamping in Battle Lake, MN. About a dozen ladies gathered, shared meals, conversation and adventures.
Thoughts on the song, “Gratitude”, that Matt sang and taught us during offering time on May 22.
I first heard it sung by Brandon Lake on “The Chosen” Christmas special. I have since listened to it and watched it many, many times. 
Oftentimes, a worship song will become the soundtrack of my days. 
What I mean is that a song or a phrase from a song will be there, playing in my head. If I am quiet, it is there, like a backdrop. Some might call it an “ear worm”, but that is a negative way to express it. 
I rather like it, and see it as the Lord laying a sweet song or track for me to live in, soak in, walk in, marinate in, drift in, ponder on, float along in. 
Anyhow, since Christmas, I have listened to “Gratitude” countless times. 
Why does this song move me?
I am small, the Lord God is big. What can I give Him that is fit for a King? “How can I express all my gratitude?” I can give Him my praise- “a heart singing Hallelujah.”
And the encouragement, “Come on my soul”- that’s me, speaking to my own soul and saying, “Don’t you get shy on me. Lift up your song.”
And I like the phrase, “You’ve got a lion inside of those lungs.” I know there is a lion inside of me. There is a fierce lover of God in me, it is strong and unwavering. I feel that. 
I need and like the encouragement to lift up my voice, to come on, to be brave, to praise Him. 
So, thank you Matt for learning this song, for teaching it to the worship team, and then teaching it to us. 
Matt, we love your heart as a worshipper of soulful, rich, musical expression of love to our dear King.  - Sandy Eddy
Summer 2022 Celebration  Video
Wisdom and Revelation
My story goes back two years ago when I was told that my work contract was not going to be renewed. I would be out of a job. I was anxious and afraid. I did remember wisdom from the past. I remembered that during a ten-year business financial stress, how God continued to show up and provide. During that stressful time, I felt God’s love and presence and I saw Him provide. So, with that wisdom I began to trust Him that He would be present in this new circumstance. As I waited to get a contract at another agency, I hung onto this wisdom and moved forward, believing that God was working behind the scenes. I needed to put my trust in Him, follow Him and not push ahead of Him. I had to wait, while God was working in the individual to extend a contract. A few times during the wait, I felt pressured to accept other offers, but again I felt God saying, “wait, Jim, I am working on your behalf”. I decided to follow rather than push ahead of Him. God did His work, and I was offered a position allowing me to continue to work with my past customers and relationships. As I am finishing my second year with this agency, I am grateful for of waiting and trusting that God’s plan was greater than mine. I am seeing that He has put me in this position to provide for our needs, but more important He is showing me that He is using me to be the reflection of Jesus in these relationships. -Jim Elftmann

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